2008 – Encon Energy EOOD is established as a subsidiary of the German company Enertrag AG, a European energy supplier specialising in sustainability by generating electricity exclusively from renewable sources – mainly from wind energy. Enertrag AG number among the leading wind energy suppliers with 570 wind turbines installed and 2.3 billion kilowatt hours of electricity produced per year – enough to meet the household demands of more than one million people;

2009 – acquisition of the rights over Kavarna wind energy park consisting of 25 generators with a total capacity of 50 MW and 110/20 kV КВ substation in Northeastern Bulgaria;

2010 – project and financial management for project development of Kavarna wind park;

2010 -construction and financial management for building Kavarna wind park with a budget of EUR 90 million, sale of the rights over the wind park to the Austrian energy concern EVN;

2010 - starting the project development of 4 wind energy parks with a total capacity of 500 MW in Norteastern Bulgaria, region of Dobrich under assignment of the project companies Enertrag Metodievo, Enertrag Svoboda, Enertrag Mizia and Enertrag Draganovo with a total budget of EUR 6 million;

2011- elaboration of overall strategy for development of smart power network for the wind parks in the region of Dobrich, their connection in a single point to the power transmission network and construction of 400/110/30 kV system substation;

2011 - project and financial management for provision of the sites for construction of wind generators, conducting of extensive public campaign advertising the benefits to environment from the production of electricity from renewable energy sources and its wider acceptance by society;

2011 - project management for development of two wind energy parks with a total capacity of 180MW and step-up substation on the territory of the Republic of Belarus, Dzerzhinsky Region;

2012 - entry into force of environmental impact assessments, approval and entry into force of the detailed zoning plans for development of 140 wind generators with a total capacity of 420 MW and for cable routings in the wind energy parks in the region of Dobrich;

2013 - provision of easement rights for laying cable routings, change of the intended use of the land for the wind generators and their connecting substations, conclusion of contract for connection of the wind parks in the region of Dobrich to the power transmission network;

2014 - transfer of the company's ownership by Enertrag AG to the two managers (management-by-out) and renaming the company to Encon Energy EOOD;

2014 – elaboration of project proposal WiHyPP for construction of multi-energy power plant for production of new-generation bio-fuels based on electricity from renewable energy sources and for stabilization of sustainable and profitable power supply;

2015 - elaboration of project proposal HyDS for developing trans-national environmental-friendly and low-carbon water transport solutions, in order to promote green hydrogen (renewable liquid and gaseous fuels of non-biological origin) as an alternative fuel, contributing to sustainable regional and local mobility and intelligent water transport;

2015 – setting up international consortium with the participation of research institutes and universities in Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Slovakia, Slovenia, Romania and Hungary for implementation of the project HyDS;

2015- elaboration of project proposal E- Debs for development of electric bicycle policy strategy along the Danube cycle path, to promote e-bicycle use and foster the cycling culture, contributing to еnvironmental friendly and low-carbon way of transport and to sustainable regional and local mobility;