Mr. Werner Diwald is share holder and CEO of the consulting company ENCON.Europe GmbH.
The company advise energy companies, electrolyser manufacture or research institutions in project management and political affairs.
Before was Mr. Diwald over 13 years mainly responsible for the business fields of International Project Development and Political Affairs within the group of companies of ENERTRAG Aktiengesellschaft. Since October 2008 he has been a member of the Management Board of ENERTRAG Aktiengesellschaft and responsible for the entire field of the international development of wind farm projects, technology development and plant engineering and construction in the field of hydrogen (electrolysis, hybrid power plant), as well as the aviation obstruction lighting for wind turbines.Based on his activities, ENERTRAG was able in 2011 to successfully put into operation the first hybrid power plant. In 2011, he built up the ENERTRAG HyTec GmbH, today McPhy Energy Deutschland GmbH, which develops and manufactures electrolysers.
After the successful completion of training as a certified technician and the subsequent study to Diplom-Kaufmann (German degree in business administration, equivalent to MBA) in 1995, Mr. Diwald has been active in the renewable energy sector. He thus has 20 years of professional experience in the field of the development of system components for wind turbines, the design of service concepts for construction and maintenance of wind turbines, as well as the development of wind farm projects in different companies.
In addition, Mr. Diwald is a member of the Board of Trustees of the Brandenburg University of Technology, spokesman of the Join Initiative "Performing energy", ,member of the Federal Expert Committee on Climate, Environment and Energy Policy of the CDU, member of the Federal Expert Commission on Energy Policy of the Economic Council Germany and the chairman of the Executive Board of DWV e.V.

Project Development Windfarm Reference & Project Development Hydrogen Reference see here

Dennitsa Nozharova
Master of Law of the Plovdiv University “Paisiy Hilenadarski”, Specialization on international public law.
Attorney-at-Law for 12 years by Sofia Bar Association in Bulgarian and German Law Companies.
Specialization in the field of energy, environmental, administrative and commercial law.
Since August 2008 manager of ENCON Energy EOOD, Bulgaria, and manager of ENCON Energy EOOD.
Project development, project- and financial management for renewable energy projects.