DELUMINATOR – Decentralised Smart Street Lighting Concepts in Small Municipalities in the Danube region

The DELUMINATOR project aims to develop energy efficiency concepts for sustainable smart street lighting in the small municipalities along the Danube River, to increase awareness and social acceptance of energy efficient technologies and accelerate the use of smart street lighting.
The street lighting accounts for about 50% of the total electricity consumption in municipalities. In the Danube countries is the street lighting a mix of new and old technologies that have been available on the market for the last 25-30 years.

Most of the efforts and measures taken for energy efficiency in lighting in the countries along the Danube are directed towards replacement and modernization of street lighting in large urbanized cities. In small minicipalities there is a shortage or lack of specialists in the planning of street lighting, lack of knowledge and experience in project financing, lack of information about different types of smart lighting systems, their supply, installation and maintenance, as well as possibilities for their effective management.

Street lighting refurbishment, especially with the availability of LED, solar, dimmable luminaries, control and communication systems, motion sensors and other innovative solutions that are economically attractive and offer a relatively low level of complexity should be a priority in the management of each small municipality.

The DELUMINATOR aims to disseminate knowledge and good practices to lighting planners and staff in municipal technical and environmental departments and to local residents. The project aims to conduct a broad information campaign to explain the economic and environmental benefits of installing smart street lighting infrastructure and its potential to improve the security for citizens and to stimulate local innovation, growth and job creation.