SOLARROOFS – Danube Solar Roofs Strategy

The SOLARROOFS Project aims to support the improvement of energy efficiency and security of supply in the municipal public buildings in the Danube region by promoting the use of solar energy for production of electricity and for heating by installing photovoltaic systems on the roofs of municipal buildings.

The project intends to conduct a broad information campaign about the environmental and economic benefits of using solar energy in municipal buildings, such as cleaner environment, reduction the cost of lighting and heating, creating new jobs and strengthening the local economic growth.
In most countries in the Danube region (with the exception of Germany and partly Austria) 95% of public administrative buildings were built and put into operation before 2000, 40% of the buildings being built before and during the 60s of the last century.Only 5% of public buildings constructed after 2000 meet modern requirements for energy efficiency in buildings.

Buildings consume about 40% of the total energy consumed in the European Union and produce large volumes of greenhouse gases.
Installation of solar systems on municipal buildings to produce electricity and hot water will not only contribute to lowering the cost of electricity and heating and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, but also for a healthier working environment, new jobs and greater energy security and independence.