Black Sea Cycling Strategy for fostering entrepreneurship and business from Odessa to Istanbul

The Be Cycling project aims at developing a strategy for the development and popularization of cycling tourism on the Western Black Sea coast and will contribute to the diversity of tourist services and the business and entrepreneurship fostering.

The Western Black Sea coast is a preferred summer destination for many tourists who are attracted by the recreational options by the sea. Apart from resorts, in proximity to the coastline there are a number of natural phenomena and cultural sites, historic areas, and towns with beautiful architecture that offer an alternative to beach tourism. Unfortunately, the natural, historical, and cultural sites are not popular enough among tourists, partly due to a lack of information, and partly due to a lack of or inconvenient transportation to those places.

In just a small part of the coast towns, mostly resorts, there are bike lanes and bikes for rent. The existing cycling infrastructure and the services provided in this regard are very limited and in the small towns and outside the towns the cycling infrastructure is very poorly developed or non-existing at all.

Developing long-term and sustainable international strategies for development and promotion of cycling tourism will lay the foundation for political and legislative changes in the countries along the Western Black Sea coast, and for regional planning, creation and financing of cycling infrastructure, and stimulation of auxiliary services. The project will boost new types of businesses, such as bicycle rentals, repair services, selling cycling equipment as well as opening holiday and recreational places and restaurants.