Good ideas and responsibility form the foundation of project development.
The visions should be oriented towards concrete results leading to sustainable positive change in the environment, for certain target groups of people or for the society as a whole.
The awareness of the current problems of environmental pollution, decreasing the resources of conventional energy sources, their evaluation and analysis and presenting solutions for reduction of these problems form part of a conscious and sustainable project development.
Finding solutions for diversification of energy sources in order to ensure the supplies of energy from renewable sources and energy efficiency are major issues for us.
The development and integration of smart networks and energy storage solutions are another challenge faced by our projects.
The low-carbon and low-noise-level transport systems reducing energy consumption and environmental pollution are of special interest to us.
In-depth knowledge of political and regulatory frameworks both at national and EU level is needed in project development in order to enable the elaboration of reasonable proposals for their adaptation to the continuous adverse climatic changes and for improvement of the conditions for development of environmentally friendly policies, strategies, regional planning and solutions.