Project management is turning ideas into reality.
Identification of the necessary activities under the project, distribution of their performance over time, determination of the sequential order of the activities, all forming a basic part of project management.
It is necessary to identify the appropriate partners for the project, to find and organize a wide range of experts needed for the implementation of complex projects. Among them are experts in the field of environment protection, architects, construction engineers, electric power experts, experts in electric chemistry, real estate brokers, lawyers, notaries.
Ensuring good time coordination and communication between the individual groups concerned by the project is of tremendous significance for the project implementation.
Proactive actions are necessary for promoting renewable energy sources and low carbon technologies among the public and the competent institutions and authorities of the local and central governance. Participation in conferences, official and public discussions.
In project management, especially when the projects are focused on extensive change in public attitudes and opinions of renewable energy sources and require informed attitude to changes in the climate and environment and the ability to manage strenuous and conflict situations has a specific weight.